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Registration & Policy Information

Step 1: USMS Insurance Registration

Every member of Golden Road Aquatics must be a registered USMS swimmer and keep it up-to-date annually. Click here, to become a USMS member or to renew your membership. Click on "Join" in the menu at the top of the home page. When you fill out the online form, be sure to pick "Golden Road Aquatics" (GRA) in the "Your Club" pick list in the "Do you swim with a club?" section. If you are already signed up with USMS, you may transfer your current USMS membership to GRA's.  USMS registration is required for liability coverage and allows swimmers to participate in USMS sanctioned meets.

Step 2: Golden Road Aquatics Masters Registration for all members
Every member of Golden Road Aquatics must be registered with GRA and keep it up-to-date annually.  The annual dues of $25 per individual covers some equipment, coach training, and communication (emails and website). Please Click here to register with GRA.

Step 3: Membership Plans for all Members

Every member of Golden Road Aquatics must have a current monthly or yearly membership plan! Please Click here to choose your membership plan!


Billing Policy

Golden Road Aquatics members will be charged each month or year depending on monthly or yearly plan purchased, on the signup day. All members pay an annual registration fee of $25 per swimmer, due at time of registration. The Golden Road Aquatics membership includes swim workouts at the Verdugo Aquatic Facility and dryland workouts.

Freeze Policy

Medical. If a Golden Road Aquatics member is medically unable to swim, that member may request a freeze of their membership for up to 6 months. A doctor’s note is required.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation. To cancel a membership, members must complete a membership cancellation form 7 days prior to the debit date in order to stop the debit. Cancelling members will be terminated on that date and will no longer have access to any of the Golden Road Aquatics workouts. No refunds will be given and no further charges will be incurred until membership is renewed. All membership renewals must complete the Golden Road Aquatics Masters Registration again. Please click here to fill out the cancellation form.

Please contact us at or 818-696-1565 for any billing questions.

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