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Thank you to all of our Contributors


2021/2022 Financial Contributors

Spencer Banks

Rudi Bloss

Shelley Conger

Teresa Frias

Stephen Germain

Christine Hammond

Zeb & Erica Jenkins

Che Johnson

Susan Kahlert

Cindy Kain

Dee Dee Lenz

Katina LaFond

Pat Meaney

Sigute Miller

Victor Nelli

Caroline Palacios

Tim Pierce

Susan Rinehart


2021 Non-Financial Contributors


Tom Caufield - in water support

Brian Compton - in water support

Erin Duncan - admin support

Ximena Dussan-Aya Pearson - Website design

Teresa Frias - Workout & in water support

Mario Marshall - social media

Bruce Menefee - on deck support & in water support

Ron Pearlman - in water support

Nick Peck - in water support

Tim Pierce - Assistant Coach on deck water support

Suzanne Wicker - admin support

Scott Winslow - admin support

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